Okinawan Tea

Q: I wanted to know if you sell or know where I can purchase Okinawan Tea online from an Australian store?
A: Thank you for your email. We don’t sell Okinawan Tea and don’t know who do in Australia. From the Okinawan Tea website (, it says that the Okinawan tea is “green tea with jasmine” … meaning it’s simply green tea with jasmine, a very commond blend (We sell green tea with Jasmine in the Green tea/china section).

Chemically speaking, green tea is green tea. All green tea is from the same species of plant (Camellia sinensis). Although there are thousands of varieties, none of them we understand to have a “secret” weight-loss compound that can’t be found in any other variety.

Generally speaking, green tea is reputed for its antioxidant content and many drink it for their wellbeing.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help ?

This email was sent to us on 26 September 2006,
answered 26 September 2006