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Pregnant moms – herbal tea

We have gathered a few articles which could be of use to pregnant moms who want to drink herbal tea. This is by all means not a prescription – please consult your doctor or herbalist if you are unsure about using herbs. .

See also Herbs section under About Tea.

Pregnancy.com.au– a good article detailing researches on taking raspberry leaf tea during prenancy.

Babycentre.com– Discussion on various topics relating to pregnancy and usage of herbs from experience.

BirthJunkie.com– Contains a list of herbs and their properties targeting to the expecting moms.

Prenancy-info.net– contains a list of herbs considered to be safe to use during pregnancy.

Compleat Mother.com – The Magazine of Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding.

Click here to read Susun Weed’s informative article “Herbal Allies for Pregnant Women”.


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