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Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea

Receiving much media praises in recent decades for its health benefits, Japan makes a fine cup of green tea. Its taste is “grassier” than Chinese green tea generally, accompanied with a greener brew.

Japanese green tea comes in a wide range of varieties, and like most things Japanese, it carries a certain level of craftmanship (quality), which often is reflected in the price. Amongst them, Sencha, Bancha and Genmaicha are the 3 most known.

Gyokuro (translated as Jade Dew), though not as well known in Australia, is actually regarded as THE Japanese tea. Cultivated under shade, it is one of the most expensive Japanese teas. In this shaded environment, the content of amino acid is increased in the tea leaves, hence Gyokuro has a sweeter taste than other Japanese green tea. Unlike most Japanese green tea, most Gyokuro is still handpicked rather than machine reaped.

Water too hot will scorch the leaves and cause bitterness!

Our organic Gyokuro has been freshly harvested last month and will be for sale by the end of this week (50g, in Japanese handmade washi paper tins). It is from a JAS Certified Organic plantation in Kyoto.


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