Teas.com.au loves Ceylon tea!

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Teas.com.au loves Ceylon tea!

Phew! What a crazy 2 weeks since we have been back from our overseas trip! We went to Singapore, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka!
Wonderful time, and of course, “holiday” is never long enough ?

nandana ceylon BOP

Nandana Ceylon

In the next few days, Peter will start telling you more about his journey to Sri Lanka. It was a wonderful trip to learn more about Ceylon tea, the people and history of Sri Lanka.

He came back rambling on like he’s found a new love! I’m sure you would find it a wonderful read of his adventure and learning of this beautiful country that is totally steeped in black tea!

And we must tell you we are very relieved the website is finally, boringly stable! We have quite a bit of up and down with the website since late last year. We reckon the hosting company is not doing a good job, but of course, they said it was our fault, in their nicest possible words.
So boys and girls, teas.com.au is happy again, and so am I!

Yours truly, the tea lady,
Salina Hainzl ?


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