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2012 May Lucky Draw (05/12)

What would you like to read?

Seth Godin, the marketing guru, says we’re now in the relationship age. The funny thing is, that’s how businesses were conducted many generations ago. We think connecting with you means we give you what you want..do you want to know “tea and food pairing“, or “expert tips on tea buying”? Check out the voting results and the 3 winners of the tea goodie bags.

In our April newsletter, we asked our readers to rate these topics  and be in to win a tea goodie bag!
(1 very interested, 3 neutral, 5 not interested at all)
– 7 Expert Tips on Tea Buying
– Easy Tea & Food Pairing
– 5 Must-Drink Tea for Busy-Body
– 3 Easy Steps to happier Tummy with Tea
– 7 Better Ways to make tea more enjoyable

And the 3 winners will be emailled this week, and they are:
J Godin
J Bidgood
J Hudson

Writer: teas.com.au


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