It’s like Xmas!

Zisha teapots are one of those things I collect. I love the creativity expressed in the form of practical art. No paint, minium sculpting, yet, every tiny curve in the tiny pot is expressive.


And after much waiting, we have finally got a new shipment of zisha teapots. For those who are not sure what I am on about, zisha, means “purple clay” in Chinese. Yes, you noticed! It is not purple at all! Maybe once upon a time they were (that I have to research), but anyway Zisha teapots are from YiXing, China. Zisha is actually a special kind of clay and the zisha teapots are strong but porous as it is unglazed. Zisha teapot can actually enhance the taste of the tea, and as it ages, your tea will taste better!


Tea purist would have a different zisha pot for different tea as this teapot is made of porous clay and through aging over the years it will “mature” with the absorption of the wonderful flavour and aroma of tea.There are many grades of Zisha teapots. Some have birth certificates!


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