Welcome to hot Sydney and then some. Yup. It’s only October and already summer is here. It’s too early for summer. But who’s complaining. Tea is a welcome compliment to the heat. I have always found fruit juices (unless freshly made watermelon juice) not very quenching. The fructose tends to leave me wanting even more juice than before I started drinking. Coffee and other energy drinks tend to me hyper while straight alcohol gives me headaches.

So what’s to do about it? My answer is tea.

Assam Dikom

Assam Dikom

While I drink all types of tea, I tend to stick to black tea. My favourite black tea for breakfast is Assam Dikom with milk. It is smooth and full in the mouth and goes down well with the things I like to eat for breakfast (and yes, I do actually eat like this): Bread, cheese and schinken with watermelon on the side. And on alternative days I may eat Chinese dumpling like Siu Long Bao (Shanghainese little pork dumpling).


If I don’t want to add milk to my tea, like tonight, I will have Darjeeling Snowview on the rocks. Usually its made in the morning so that when I get home in the evening like today, I will raid the fridge and open…. Hah! You thought I was going to say beer. Sorry folks. This cat don’t swing like that. My neighbour over the road does. And ladies, I’m sorry to say, I don’t think he’s got the cash to support his TV watching, smoking rotunda.

Darjeeling Snowview

Darjeeling Snowview


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