Tales from the Tearoom 08

Welcome to hot Sydney again! You know, as part of dealing in tea, I get to try, sip, slurp, smell, taste and drink a lot of tea. And I have been asked recently, if I ever get sick of it?

My answer is no. Nobody ever asks a coffee drinker if he is sick of coffee. So why us?

Puerh tea

The truth is, I only ever get asked this question by coffee drinkers. Somehow in their minds they think the world would be better if we were all hyper-caffeinated. I disagree. I do not like having the jitters or that feeling in the chest like I’m under constant pressure. Nor the feeling of being pushed, shoved or rushed around for no good reason. Do that to a tealover, and you’ve got yourself a real badass to deal with.

When a person makes the decision to join the world of tea, they are saying that they chose to live an harmonious life that is more in keeping with the flow of things. A time-out center that allows them to be in control of their environs while others are being tossed in a salad bowl of chaos. The pressure to be hip and trendy just does not exist for the tea drinker. He or she by comparison is, when drinking their tea, close to something truly sacred. That is why we have Chado or Kungfu-Cha and coffee has…

You get the point. And that’s the world I live in every single day.

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