Black Tea Benefits: Keep Working with Low Stress

When can you tell that you are going to have a good day? From the moment you wake up, seeing blue sky and greeted by gentle breeze?

I find a better way to start the day on a footing, rather than relying on the weather to make it right for me.

Captains Breakfast Black Tea

Captains Breakfast Black Tea

This way is reliable, and you can have it so cheaply and easily it is not even funny.

The days I have to rush out of the door in the morning with it, I feel grumpy, I feel like I have unfinished business at home to attend. Grrrr!

What do you think this wonderful “make my day magic” is?

Yes of course it is TEA.

I like to enjoy tea in every sip brewed with the goodness of nature. For me, tea is one of the best discoveries of man!

And it is the best way to start your day happy and refreshed.

One of the most common teas is the black tea.

In the western culture and once branded as a symbol of luxury (you have no idea how much is a pound of this tea during the 16th century), black teas now come in many grades and tasting profiles. Thanks to our advanced technology, shipping and importing teas, it is also, generally speaking, inexpensive.

Black tea is made from the leaves of Camelia Sinensis. It is a shrub that grows in Asia popularly in India and China. In fact, these two countries are the top producers of tea across the globe.

The Benefit

One of the things I love with black tea is the aroma and taste.

Compared to green tea, black tea is fermented before the final heating process. Thus, keeping the taste richer and aroma is stronger. No wonder why most people love it for breakfast!

Many claim the best black tea benefit is it actually brightens up your day by making you feel energized. Every sip makes you feel alive. Perhaps, Lipton will not call it a brisk tea if not for that? And you know what makes a performer a top performer right? Lots and lots of energy! This is just perfect for people who want to give their 100% on their work.

Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast – Black Tea

Even after a day of tiring and stressful work, black tea can make you feel relaxed and calm. It lowers down your stress levels and will definitely help you get through the day. Pair it with crackers and biscuits will make it a perfect snack while watching your favorite TV show or reading your favourite book.

If you are a coffee addict and looking for an alternative that is gentler to your body and mind, why not try black tea and enjoy the great pick me up benefit of black tea today?

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