Welcome to burning Sydney and a few degrees hotter. And it is hotter. I had plans to write this blog entry during the day but it was too hot and I was too sleepy. So instead I had a long siesta.
In the evening I watered my thirsty pot plants and enjoyed a nice lamb stew on a nice rice and couscous mix. The lamb was the belly part called lambflap. It’s a very rich and hearty dish that some people like to make spicy. I prefer it straight savory so that I can have it with chilled oolong from Taiwan.
Taiwanese Oolong

Taiwanese Oolong (Gin Shan)

Taiwanese oolong is lightly fermented compared to the mainland Chinese variety. More floral in taste and so lends itself better to non-spicy fattier dishes: Lambflap is quite a fatty meat best eaten in summer.

Taiwanese oolong is also great with seafood like calamari and mussels. But not fish. Sorry Chinese, but steamed or fried fish is a bit boring. Can you do any better?
Well can you?
My Taiwanese oolong is waiting for the perfect compliment. Ladling on the heavy soy sauce, no matter how tasty, does not cut it! Oh, and skip the chili. That’s just another con-job. Chili ruins the oolong taste.
Oh my Taiwanese oolong, let me save you from the barbarians on that side?


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