Mulberry Tree

Mulberry Tree

Mulberry tree belongs to the family of Morus (a class of flowering plants that belongs to the family of Moraceae), the leaves of the mulberry tree produces a natural, caffeine-free drink, the Mulberry Tea.

The ripe fruit of a mulberry tree is edible and can be used as the main piece in making wines, tarts, cordials, pies, and tea. It has this strong flavour described by others as ‘like fireworks in your mouth’.

There are known to be 10-16 different species deciduous trees also known as mulberry tree which is originally cultivated in Asia.


Variety Of Mulberry

Variety Of Mulberry

Mulberry leaves are harvested in autumn and carefully dried to use as tea.

The most popular species of the mulberry tree includes the black mulberry and the white mulberry.

History shows that the black mulberry fruit is a native of southwest Asia while the red mulberry is from North America.

Presently, black, red and white mulberry are also produced in the Middle East, Southern Europe, Northern Africa and Indian Subcontinent.


Mulberry tea

Mulberry tea

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, mulberry leaf is used to improve the vision, clear the liver, and relieve cold and cough symptoms and many more.

According to experts, mulberry leaf contains 25 times more calcium than milk, more fiber as compare to your ordinary green tea and apparently more iron than Popeye’s food supplement.

If you ask me, being a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals great for the health, it’s a good thing that they thought of making tea out of it.


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