Tea Lifestyle Challenge with Tuttle Publishing
We are giving away books for 12 weeks till end of 2018.
Plenty of chances to win books on various topics from Tuttle Publishing.

 12 Weeks to Christmas - 
Your Tea Lifestyle Challenge 

Taking time to read about what you love seems like an extravagant past time in this modern life. 

Always on the go, always on, like our phone – this is a life that doesn't switch off. 

Yet, many experts agree, taking time to read engage our brain differently to reading something on a screen.

Reading is a great way to immerse ourselves in deep learning, allow our imagination run free.

So for 12 weeks leading up to Christmas, we partner with Tuttle Publishing to bring you a range of books including tea studies, martial arts, culture and arts to help you and your loved ones to embrace a renewed sense of calm, by practising Your Tea Lifestyle.

Teas.com.au book giveaway - 12 weeks to Christmas

12 Weeks to Christmas -
Your Tea Lifestyle Challenge 

For 12 weeks, we will review 1 book per week - the book reviewed is also the one we give away.

To enter to win the "book of the week", email your friends using the email address we give you in the review post to share the review.

One friend emailed = one chance to win.
The more friends emailed, the more chances to win.
Enter as many "book of the week" draws as you like by sharing the review as mentioned above.
Each draw is open to enter for 1 week from the review post date.
Have fun and read for your pleasure and leisure, with a delightful cup of tea!