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Tea has long been associated with wellbeing and health. Recent researches show tea contains antioxidant and many other nutrients, which are associated with alleviating ills of the body and mind. Tea is taken medicinally in many parts of the world and is used to help manage weight, with skin toning, and relax or energize the body.

Besides our extensive range of teas we also offer a select range of teapots and tea chests. 

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How to brew tea? Iced tea? White tea? Or maybe tea and food matching? Yes, if you want juicy bits on tea, these books are must haves.
Not sure where to start with leaf tea - here are our most requested tea.
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Japanese Green Tea is renowned for its health benefits. Its soft grassy taste is great matching with seafood.
Divorce bottled tea, quench your thirst with less sugary drink this summer.
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Energy is good for fatigue exhaustion and Monday-itis! It's known to improve concentration and memory.
Tencha Matcha

Organic Tencha Matcha

Organic Tencha Matcha is used for tea ceremony and for its health benefits. The tea maker packed the tea as soon as it is powdered and air-freight over to reduce loss of potency. 
Rose Oolong

Rose Oolong

Rose Oolong is a popular tea in Asia for its reputed properties of beautifying the skin and body shape!