Unpause Me 28 Day Transformation

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Unpause Me 28 Day Transformation

Menopause is a fact of life for every woman, but the pain and suffering is not.

The goal of Unpause Me Transformation is to offer a non-invasive, natural alternative to shake off the shackles of menopausal symptoms, so you can be truly you again.

It is not another marketing hype to turn you into a skinny babe in 7 days. It is an easy to start program that covers 1 complete woman's cycle (28 days).

If you are sick of sick and tired, would you like to:

  • stop feeling heavy - body and mind
  • find a quick and easy way to ease the discomfort, naturally
  • relieve night sweat and hot flushes
  • stop feeling flustered and scattered
  • calm the heart and find inner peace again
  • simply put, be ME again

If your answer is YES, Unpause Me Transformation may help.

What's included in the Unpause Me 28 Day Transformation Programme:

Food Guide & Menopausal Recipes enables you to uncover what causes discomfort and excessive sweating and what to eat to keep you light, energised and cool. (digital PDF)

Exercise Guide Suitable for all physical abilities! You will be amazed by these simple exercises to do each day for 5-15 minutes to regain your flexibility. Do these in the little pockets of free time during the day, and you will?ÿsee your body transform like never before. (digital PDF)

Expert Interviews Each week during the 28 day programme, you will receive education to help you make better informed decisions for your menopausal health, with the help from food coach, nutritionist, herbalist, brain coach, physiotherapist and women's health expert.

This is an online programme - all materials will be emailed to you. Learn and practise at a pace that suits you.

Complete this programme with these 2 natural herbal infusions, so you can stay hydrated while your body is being nourished.

She Transforms Herbal Infusion - created by our herbalist with vitamin and mineral rich herbs, keeps you looking radiant and soothe nervous system as well the rest of the body.

A key ingredient, Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra berry) in She Transforms, is used in Chinese herbalism for helping many discomforts associated with menopause:

  • Quiet the spirit, calm the heart
  • Enriches the kidney and lung health
  • Relieve night sweat
  • Promote better skin and nail health

Luv'Bomb blasts your sugar craving - sipping this cool nourishing iced tea with tasty strawberry flavour, to make you feel like a freshened maiden again!

Make an iced Luvbomb tea

    Remember just like going gym, using this programme beyond every 28 day cycle will continue to keep you feeling happy and fabulous.


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