Organic Assam Thunder

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  • Organic Assam Thunder - 100% Natural Leaf Tea -

Organic Assam Thunder

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  • Situated in North Eastern side of India, the Assam region with its monsoon tropical weather and many natural habitats for wildlife such as elephants and rhinos produces some of best black tea in the world.

    Assam is reputed for its strength with smooth maltiness. The coppery brew of Assam is deliciously strong. Assam goes well with milk.

    Alternatively make it light without milk as a chilled tea with plenty of ice.
    If you like Irish Breakfast or other strong tea you have to try this beautiful tea with good strength.

    FBOP Grade (similar to GBOP). This Assam is more cut up than our Organic Assam Banaspaty for strength. For a more fragrant cup choose Assam Banaspaty.

    Iced Assam Tea

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