Leaf Tea Starter Kit Premium

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  • Leaf Tea Starter Kit Premium

Leaf Tea Starter Kit Premium

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  • Enjoy more tea with less!

    Pay only $28 more and get 12 times more tea with a lovely teapot to savour your tea!

    When you upgrade your Free Leaf Tea Starter Kit to this Premium version, you will get:

    • 60g x 3 of our premium natural leaf tea
    • 1 Tea for Glass Glass Teapot 
    • 3 Latest Australian Tea Guide books, featuring many insider tips to tea brewing, buying and ways to make tea drinking even more enjoyable.

    For centuries herbal and natural tea has been used by many ancient civilisations to improve health and heal the body. Our range includes leaf tea that may assist with:

    Are you looking to try our products or looking to experience Natural Leaf Tea? Is the huge range of tea confusing to you? 

      Brewing Guide:
      3g / one teaspoon per cup. Water best NOT to be boiling except for herbal infusion, even black tea should be brewed with hot (80-90 ºC) water to minimum excess bitterness.

      A good cup of strong tea is made with double the tea leaves used, not double the time brewed. Note we don't sell tea bagged tea. Leaf tea gives you better tea quality and better value.

      You can also find teapots and filters (even empty teabags) in our teaware section to compliment your daily tea drinking ritual.
      Limited to 1 per customer
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