Kung Fu Red

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Kung Fu Red

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Some are mesmerized by Southern Chinese kungfu tea for its red wine like sweetness with a bit of oomph.  

The name "Kung Fu" explains the tea is made with lots of Kung Fu - steps. It has nothing to do with the martial arts, Kungfu. Although its balance of yin and yang may appeal to the martial arts masters.

It is comparable to the Indian "clonal" black tea for its hint of smokiness and Assam tea for its burnt sugar sweetness. 

A black tea with depth, best savored on its own. 

BREWING: 1 teaspoon / 3g of tea per cup. Pour in boiling water and let it sit for 2 minutes. Add milk and / or sugar if desired.
INGREDIENTS:Black tea (Camellia Sinensis), heather scotch flowers, flavour
ORIGIN:Mixed in Australia with imported ingredients. Sri Lankan black tea from pesticide free plantation approved by Ethical Tea Partnership.

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