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Inner Circle Membership

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  • As experienced tea experts, we get our hands on a lot of exquisite and/or unusual teas. If you want some of our secret stash, Inner Circle Membership is for you. 

    Inner Circle Membership gives you unprecedented access to many teas we purchase and given for our own education, and tea tastes best when shared (with only the people who understand this magnificent obsession to do with tea).

    Please only sign up if you are adventurous with tea. If you only drink green tea or black tea, forget it. You will waste your money along with teas we send you each month. 

    Each month by 15th we will send you at least a total of 150g tea to you. This maybe 10 samples or 3, really depend on the scarcity of the tea. We usually have only very small amount of each tea to share, but we will make sure you have at least 2 cups worth per tea to have a fair try. 

    While I will personally select and give you notes on the tea, I will keep the description to the light side, as I have found when I have not been told much about the tea, I really taste the tea, really try it without prejudice. 

    (You will get a special email address to contact me for more info, as my Inner Circle Member). Note all teas you try we will bring in to sell, so we will mix it up a bit - give you some of our current stock teas. 

    The teas maybe $1000 a kg stuff, or $30 a kg stuff. Why? Because when you dare to venture, it is not the price that matters, it is the experience. And I certainly have tasted some amazing $30 a kg stuff. 


    I hope you will take up this exceptional offer as I don't know have a lot of tea to create more memberships.

    (50% memberships taken already)

    Salina -

    Owner of

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