Australian Tea Guides

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Australian Tea Guides

  • The Australian Tea Guides provide a wealth of information in easy to read format. Buy this 7 book set and get free tea samples.

    The Australian Tea Guides are in handbook size about 32 pages, with pictorial guides and Australian good tea places directory.

    Some topics covered are:
    First Australian Tea Guide 2007
    - Explore different kinds of tea
    - The world of milk tea
    - Is white the new black – introduction to white tea
    - Tea process chart
    - To decaffeinate or not to decaffeinate

    Australian Tea Guide 2008
    - The rise of the black dragon – Oolong
    - Green tea – the pictorial guide
    - Brewing tea without bitterness
    - Tea recipes
    - Iced tea in a flash

    Australian Tea Guide 2009 (SOLD OUT - not included in this pack)
    - Indian / Ceylon Tea Grading
    - High Tea
    - Long Jing Appreciation Guide
    - The Rare Breed - Yellow Tea

    Australian Tea Guide 2010
    - Choosing a Teapot
    - Chinese Teaware History
    - Kungfu Tea

    Australian Tea Guide 2011
    - Flower Power
    - Tea Cultures around the World
    - Colour My World with Herbs

    Australian Tea Guide 2012
    - This Old Tea (Pu-erh)
    - Tea in Sri Lanka
    - Power Up with Matcha

    Australian Tea Guide 2013
    - Tea and Food Matching
    - Detox with Herbs
    - The Wisdom of Ayurveda

    Australian Tea Guide 2014
    - Tea in Kitchen
    - Brain Drink 
    - Healthy Detox