Transforming You from Overwhelmed and Tired to Happy and Healthy,

A Cup of Tea at a Time.

Tea Time = Me Time

Tea is the second most drunk beverage in the world, next to water. 


But not everyone realises how to drink tea for happier and healthier body and mind. 


Why Tea for your Happiness and Health?


You are already needing to drink 8 cups of liquid a day, you might as well make them enjoyable and beneficial to your health and happier. 


Tea is an easy way to achieve better health and mental fitness. 


This program is easy to follow and all you need is a cup of your favourite tea to accompany each weekly class. 


No fancy gear. Do it between tasks. Do it at lunch break. No need to buy expensive tea (but you can, if you fancy).


Tea Time Me Time is an online program designed to help adults who feel tired and exhausted, and don't have the time to take care of themselves. 


If you feel overwhelmed constantly, and need an easy way to become even just a little happier and healthier, this program is for you. 


The course covers:

  • What is Tea
  • What can Tea do for your happiness
  • What can Tea do for your health
  • Tea for Detox
  • Tea for Relax
  • Tea for Energy
  • Why Leaf Tea 
  • Have Fun with Tea

You don't need to continue to feel drained, overwhelmed and scattered. 


You have options. 


We can take these baby steps together towards a happier and healthier you, one cup of tea at a time.


Make every cup of tea count towards your health and happiness, because every Tea Time is your ME time. 

You can be happier and healthier, starting today.

Don't let stress and exhaustion rule over you anymore, grab a cup of your favourite tea, and let your transformation begin. 

different tea drinkers
Tea Time = Me Time

What is included in this course?


  • Health and Happiness Self Assessment Sheet
  • Weekly video class with check list
  • Expert expert tips on mindfulness, creativity, healthy eating and habits and much more.
  • Weekly mp3 should meditation
  • 3 levels of support - email, online group and 1-1 coaching.
happy tea drinking