Welcome to the world of tea!

Tea, strictly speaking, is the liquid yield from brewing the leaves from the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis.

However, tea is now also very loosely used to describe any liquid yield from brewing any bit of plant!

To make it more confusing, there are many grades of the same thing, without any standardized indicators. So, an English Breakfast in a cafe could be totally different (unfortunately often worse) than an English Breakfast from a tea house.

How to choose “great tea”?

Great tea means different things to different people. After years in the tea industry, we are repeatedly reminded that there are fans for bitter tea and fans for chopped up teas, both often defined as “poor tea”.

To debunk tea myths, and make every cup of tea more enjoyable, we created this educational series  “7 Secrets to Great Tea” for you.

Each day for 7 days, we will share tea secrets with you.

So start learning more about tea and drink more good tea! If you are going to spend time to make tea and drink tea, it might as well be a good one! It will make you happier!



By signing up for the Tea Secrets series, you will also get VIP access to other tea courses as well as promotions and discounts.


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