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Tea Range for Cafe and Restaurant

Cafe and restaurant owners and managers, want to sell more teas?

It is not going to be easy because, in reality, there are a lot of competition in the market.

How can you make your tea range stand out? How will you market it to your customers to make them come back for more?

Your tea range will tell your customers what kind of "tea place" you are. 

Standard cafe - if you stock just the usual cafe tea range:
English Breakfast 
Earl Grey 
Sencha green tea

A little bit more info tea - if you also carry these:
Chai Sweet Chai
Irish Breakfast
Jasmine Green Tea

You value tea drinks as your customers - if you expand to these:
Roasted Barley
Tangy Berry
Rose Buds
Tie Guan Yin Oolong
Pai Mu Tan White Tea

We can offer the empty tea bag samples for your perusal as well.

Teapot of 300ml is best for cafe single person use. It will give you about 2-3 cups of tea. We recommend about 2 teaspoonful of tea for this teapot size. 

Or a little more if it is black tea.

*They are standard offering but in fact doesn't sell much. Some cafes have given up on these and move to more interesting herbs like Hibiscus and Roasted Barley to make a point of difference in their herbal offering.