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Most Popular Green Tea?

Matcha has taken the world by storm.


Matcha has the reputation as the energy powerhouse, the essence for solemn tea ceremony, as well as the perfect ingredient to "easternise" Kit Kat! 

Whether you want more zen, power, concentration, detox, weight loss in life, Matcha seems to fit the bill. 

BUT, what is Matcha?

And that's what we are here to share with you.

In the Mini Matcha Series, you will find

What is Matcha

Explore Matcha - Traditional Way

Matcha Recipes

Let's Go Matcha Crazy


Tea Ceremony



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Learn about Matcha Today!
Matcha (Japanese Green Tea Powder) is regarded by many as super-food. 
There are many grades of Matcha for cooking, tea ceremony and making latte!

We show you how to select the Matcha for YOU.

Drink Matcha

like a pro.

Traditionally Matcha is the Japanese tea use for tea ceremony but Matcha can also be a very tasty and nutritional addition to your treats like milkshake, pancake, tea cake and more.


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