Tea knowledge is only part of the picture of running a successful tea business. In fact, it is NOT the MAIN part. 

Tea knowledge, without the correct structure to present it to the RIGHT customers is just a bunch of stuffy notes. 

As a Tea 101 for Tea Biz Graduates, you have ENOUGH tea knowledge to get started with your tea biz.

If you feel you need to know more, you do, but not about tea FIRST.

Many "budding businesses" get stuck on how their tea pack looks, how their logo looks and how their tea tastes.

When they finally open their doors to trade - crickets - no business. The business never took off.

I was the same too! Now I know better, I have put together some of my best advice in the Tea Biz Fast Start ecourse. 

This is a super condensed version of insights on my 15 years of experience running a tea biz from home to 6 figure income business.

Check out this ecourse NOW - let's set your business up on solid ground.

As a graduate of our Tea 101 for Tea Biz training, we have a special discount offer for you.
Use this voucher code today to sign up for Tea Biz Fast Start for $47 (normally $117).




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