With so many tea suppliers out there, it is important to stand out with your service and consistency in product quality.

We have been working in the tea industry since 2003 and found most times, customer concerns and complaints can be easily ironed out.

The MOST IMPORTANT key is to make sure you handle the matter timely.

The video and information below is what we give to our customers (YOU!) - feel free to use it as a base to form your product guarantee and product service "guidebook".

Our product promise:

Our tea is blended with care using natural herbs and packaged under the best conditions.

A face to face meeting will NOT help to ensure product quality. We are strong in communications and take quality control seriously.

In my experience, a face to face meeting is lovely but not productive, as much work is done by emails and phone calls these days. Those communications need to be spot on, and seeing our warehouse has no relevance to whether we are meeting your needs consistently or communicating well.

Tea sampling are better done in a "sober" condition - take time to try only 2 or 3 teas each time, in where you can really taste and make some notes. 

We work with many businesses inter-state online - by email, phone and now also online platforms like zoom and skype.

Generally we follow the guidance of this product guarantee:


If any damage occurs during transit from our premises to yours, please reply to orders@teas.com.au with your original order receipt email and provide detailed description and extent of damage and we would be happy to offer free replacement.

Any discrepancy, breakage or quality issue must be reported strictly within 1 month after receipt of goods for exchanges or refund.

With natural products, your storage should be dry, cool, dark and as dust free as possible. Infestation is a natural possibility with any natural products.

There isn't a way that can completely remove the possibility of bugs, unless you use radiation or treated herbs!

Eggs may be already present in the herbs when they are harvested and they cannot be detected by naked eye. Again this is just how natural products and nature works. These eggs will hatch in favourable condition such as warmer / more humid weather.

For our own business, we have some summers we have to throw out lots of flowery and grainy herbs. Just part of the business life!

• Inspect all herbs upon purchase.
• Tiny infestation: Freeze herbs for at least 1 week (or store permanently in the freezer) to kill any eggs.
• Buy herbs in small quantities and eat within a reasonable period of time. (particularly summer)
• Store in tightly sealed glass, metal, or sturdy plastic containers.
• Regularly clean storage for cracks, crevices, and shelves.
• When choosing to buy flowers, go for petals whenever possible instead of the entire flower heads. We find flower heads are more prone to infestation than just the petals.
• Small bags of black pepper / bay leaves near your herbs may repel weevils accordingly to some, but we have not found these strategies effective.

• Discard any infested foods right away. Weevils can bore through plastic and cardboard so inspect everything thoroughly.
• Vacuum pantry shelves, cracks, and crevices.
• Wipe shelves with white vinegar.
• Dispose of garbage and vacuum bags outside, away from the storage.
• Check regularly for reappearance – it may take awhile to get rid of them completely.

Should you have any concern, please contact us.

How to handle complaints:
Understanding your own stand point is a good start (see the above product guarantee), but equally important, is to try NOT to think who is right or wrong, but just make sure the complainant felt heard (paraphrase some words) and ask directly what they would like us (you) to do?

Often people are so charged with emotions, when you ask them what they want you to do, they calm down, and think again.

I would venture to say most cases, a simple apology, or quick replacement is all is needed.

My tip:
Always write everything in email and send to the customer, especially if the conversation is a verbal one.

Having this in black and white will help if this matter gets worse and you need correspondence to present to authority. This will also help you to stay on top of your emotions.

As some complaints will be very charged with emotions, the process of writing it down will help to calm you down, and distill it so you can also learn to better deal with similar situation next time.


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