Private Label Tea 101 - Tea Choices

In this Private Label Tea 101 module, we talk about tea choices for your tea brand.

We cover a lot of ground here beyond simply pick a tea you like. Let's get started.

In the above video: 

Private Label Tea? Bespoke tea? Custom Pack tea? Signature tea? There are a few names given when referring to putting a brand on your tea.

Now, if you decided to do that then I congratulate you for sticking your head out and making your name count for something that you believe.

Because if you’re selling someone else’s brand, you’re promoting someone else’s brand and that means when you are selling a tin, for every box of that tea, you are promoting that company.

If you’re talking about English Breakfast, everyone sells it, if you’re going to sell it too, someone else’s would probably compete you in selling English Breakfast with someone else’s English Breakfast.

Even if you have the hottest best English Breakfast out there, people would sort of like “Ohh... that’s English Breakfast, how different can it get?”

People don’t necessarily immediately recognize that your English breakfast is the best thing on earth. So this makes it really hard for you to compete.

We really highly recommend that when it comes to selecting your tea range; you really have to think about the story behind your brand.

Start with Why

The story behind why you pick a certain tea.

The story behind why you want to do this and communicate that.

For example, if you love chocolates and your product is about handmade chocolates with all kinds of wonderful things in it like chilli, wattle seeds, carob and lemon myrtle, I’m talking about all Australian ingredients of course, and also popping candy like the one in Heston Blumenthal's TV show… I love that chocolate.

If you need to have that passion and you want to pair a tea in it, pair it with a mission and information.

Getting Help to Shape and Add Finishing Touches

Write down why you want the customer to buy this particular tea.

Let’s just imagine you’re actually selling English Breakfast but your website is called Chocoholics United, so everything in the tea website is all about chocolate and you’re selling English Breakfast, don’t call it English Breakfast or say English Breakfast but moulded with a story that is the totally choka-block with chocolate.

Make it really fun, make it with a lot of personalities and you might think that I’m better in talking, am not so good at writing perhaps then just talk it, like what I’m doing now.

Get someone to do transcription or someone to do someone some writing based on your videos.

Put those videos as well as the cut down version of that product description to go with your tea.

And when it comes to selecting the number of tea to go into your range, we talked about that in video one.

Custom Mix Tea

Here we’re just really going to lightly touch more on what kind of tea to go into your range.

So for example, if you’re probably looking at detox, weight loss, or digestive, that sort of thing, a lot of people think about mint.

But then again you don’t want to compete with just old peppermint, you may want to look at a mint green tea, mint black teas maybe even a mint Pu-erh, I’ve never tried it but it could be nice.

Try putting something unique and we can help you with that as well because we do custom tea blending.

So basically if you have a sort of a base recipe that will get us going with that conversation with you.

Credibility and Partnership

And if you have actually got friends who are herbalists, dieticians, anyone in the medical professional side of things, you may even want to talk to them about what kind of tea would you suggest or what kind of herb.

You may be even able to work with them in a partnership, so let’s just say you coordinate with us to get those tea packs going but they actually write a recipe for you because they know how.

They have the credibility; they have the medical credibility facts that are going to just really take a lot of boxes for people.

You may want to say that when they are doing their consultation with their client they can say “look I know where you can buy a tea blend using these herbs and I give you this promo codes if you go to their website to buy it, you can get 10% off”.

Your herbalist friend can also perhaps get a cut off you because they’re helping you to sell those teas.

So work out some kind of arrangements so you guys can actually promote each other to a common united mission through this projects.

The other thing is, it doesn’t have to be half we’re just talking about the bakery. That could be another way to go.

So let’s just say you tea goes really well with your crème brûlée, like Earl Grey, and if you know somewhere that makes the best crème brûlée maybe it’s a cafe or maybe it’s a bakery - whatever it is, you can also work with them and say can I put some of my pamphlets in your shop or maybe when people buy stuff just give them a pamphlet with this discount card and already you can say have you tried the best tea that goes with crème brûlée.

So there are some synergies in that marketing and work on some partnership agreement strategy in a win-win situation, so they get some profits or benefits while you do the same thing.

So I hope that it helps you a little bit thinking about the Tea Range.


Private label tea coaching and service

This concludes our 3 Video Private Label Tea 101 Series.

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