Free Online Course to Help You to Create Your Private Label Tea
Put Your Name on It!

Creating your dream tea product is fun. 

But it can also be overwhelming. You have to learn many things in 0.5 seconds and ideally master them in 1 seconds ;)

I am here to help you creating

your Private Label Tea. 

Private label tea 101 course

Want to start your own private label tea? Not sure where to start?


Is private label tea business profitable?


We have been there ourselves too.


My name is Salina Hainzl and I have been living and breathing ecommerce for last 15 years, running 


Almost 15 years ago, hubby and I were younger, with no kids, and perhaps a bit fool hardy than now.


We set out to create a tea business. We want to create something special.


Fast forward too many ups and downs to mention, we are here, ready to share our gains and pains.


We want you to benefit from our experience as the tea experts to create YOUR branded tea, to express your love for tea, and your mission behind these signature tea products of yours. 


And we want to help you to sell them profitably, in your style.


Private Label Tea 101 is created with you the Private Label Tea creator in mind. In this short course, you will learn:


  • Choosing your supplier
  • Tea Range Size
  • Tea Packaging
  • Tea Market and Sales


This 3 day mini-coursee is very popular and we have just updated it.


Salina Hainzl -

• Build Brand • Grow Customers • Increase Revenue •

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