We use many online tools for easy communications. Here are the basics on these tools. Please go to these software providers for more detailed support.

To use Zoom

Zoom is our preferred online call platform.

You can join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android by clicking this link https://zoom.us/download, click on Download button and install the app to your computer.

To get the best audio (and video) quality, please close all other application windows before starting the call.

If you use Wifi internet connection, it may not play nice. If you can use a wired connection, you have a better chance for a smooth call experience.

Not getting our emails?
Please check your email programme if we are in your safe list. We promise to keep your email safe.

If you use Gmail
Please follow these instructions, to make sure you receive the value that is in store for you in this video series:

• Find an email from us - maybe under sales@teas.com.au, learn@teas.com.au (email with @teas.com.au at the end)
• Drag that email from the PROMOTIONS TAB to the PRIMARY TAB
• Click Yes! When you get the message that says: “Do this for future messages from xxx@teas.com.au?
• You will get a confirmation message saying: Future messages from xxx@teas.com.au will be moved to “Primary”
• Now we are connected!

gmail tab

We personally don't use tabs at all as Google is not the best at working out what is useful to use and often put things in the wrong tab. If you are getting frustrated with these tabs, go to your settings and turn them off then everything will be in primary tab (ie no tab).


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