How to come up my tea range –

How to come up my tea range

To sell tea profitably, you have to find your niche. This doesn’t have to be complicated – besides creating a brand new tea blend, there are other options. 

Here are our 4 options to creating your tea:

1. Using our existing tea range (over 150 teas)
  • Simply choose what we already have – this will speed up the tea evaluation process. We have Chai black teafloral Jasmine green tea, unusual Cocoa Haven chocolate black tea, or minty cleanse herbal…and much more.
2. Using our existing tea plus added ingredients
  • This shortcuts the customisation process by getting a tea already working, and add your personal touch, eg refresh green tea + lemon myrtle + garcinia
3. Using your recipes with % for each ingredients
  • This is where your creativity sings – if you love researching and want your tea blend represent every bit of you, this is the way to go. 
  • % per ingredient is advisable, but some customers are unsure of the percentage, so we co-create the % based on characteristics, eg Pu-erh based, with mint and detoxing touches, so we could make Pu-erh 70% + Peppermint 20% + dandelion root 10%
4. Using our herbalist to create blend for your sole use
  • Recipe will be in your sole ownership.
  • The process is you give us your requirement (brief) and we get our herbalist to come up the blend.
  • Ownership of this recipe will be passed onto you / your company. Upon recipe sign-off, recipe will be supplied in ingredient common name and botanical name, and their corresponding %.
  • This is a one off charge, including 2 minor tweaks to recipe by our herbalist.
  • Our herbalist is well versed in many modality for over 20 years – eg Ayurveda, Chinese herbalism, Chakra and more. She is a registered nurse as well. Contact information will NOT be disclosed.
  • Kindly note recipe creation doesn’t include cost for creating new samples.
You are not limited to using our existing tea blends we have in We regularly source herbs for custom blends.
Some frequently asked ingredients –
  • acai we are already using for some custom blends so this is easy.
  • blueberry actual fruit is faint in taste in its dried form, so unless we use a blueberry flavour, it will not give the desirable flavour.
  • coconut – we have coconut flavoured black tea that can be incorporated into your blend. Actual coconut doesn’t have the punch in terms of flavour, and makes the tea looks slightly greasy.

Creating your own tea means you secure THOSE repurchase – your customers have to come back to YOU to get that great tea.

This one strategy has helped us and many of our customers to rock to great tea sales. So if you are ready to start selling your unique tea, get in touch with us today.