Detox, Cleanse and Lighten Your Body and Spirit, with Natural Herbs.

Detox is NOT a fad.

Detox is not about bikini body.

Detox is another way to say
"I am committed to my health".


Is detox tea just another fad promise much and deliver little?


Many detoxing products promise silver bullet solution, often loaded with strong laxatives. This is dangerous.


A healthy detox is NOT just about what you take out, but also what you put in as well. 


It is no different to keeping your home clean. Your body needs ongoing maintenance. A healthy detox with natural nourishing remedies is key to good health as you age. 


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As we age, we collect a lot of pollutants inside our body from fast food, social drinking, second hand smoking and simply stress.

The foods we ingest are often over-processed and laden with unhealthy fats, chemicals and pesticides. Toxic ingredients within skin and hair products are absorbed by the body. Solar radiation creates more stress on the body.

Toxins build up in our tissues even when we live healthy lifestyles. Stress creates toxins. Many people take prescription medicines. Unfortunately, the medicines that help us to stay well are detoxified by the liver and kidneys.

Those organs then need to work harder to stay in optimal working condition. Despite our best efforts, our bodies become more toxic with each passing year.

Inflammation and discomfort increases and illness may result.

Sure cleansing is about taking out junk from the body, and we will discuss some easy, natural remedies below. 


Dandelion Root
Dandelion leaves and roots is rich in numerous vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Dandelion root tea treats many different digestive problems. It is an effective detoxification agent, liver cleanser and weight loss aid.


Green Tea
Green tea is a popular ingredient in colon cleanse teas.

Many love green tea because it makes them feel “lighter” and skin looks more radiant. Green tea is rich is known to help the body from harmful toxins.



Cassia seeds - part of the Senna family, Cassia seeds are used for blurred vision and kidney problems in traditional Chinese medicine.


Cassia seeds is a strong laxative plant and should be used with care. 

All of these teas are great for natural colon cleansing. Each has unique properties that eliminate toxins, purify the body and benefit the colon.


Most should not be used excessively.


Nourishing your body while detoxing is ESSENTIAL. 


It is always wise to consult with a doctor before incorporating these cleansing teas into the diet.


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