So you have decided to follow your dream, and start your tea business!

Let me give you a virtual bear hug!

You know, not everyone is as brave as you and are ready to stand out.

I often think of owning a business is like having a child, or a pet (not to say child = pet) 
The tender love you need to give your business when it first starts, just like watching a baby taking their first steps.
When it starts to grow, you need to let go a little and let it run, experiment with system and automations, and trust it can build up its independance from you, just like a young child telling you goodbye and hurrying you to leave so they can play with their friends at school.
Every step has its challenges and rewards.

I created this video for you to set you on the right path to succeed in your tea business.

A fair warning: it shatters the typical path to set up a tea business at  0:20 – watch it now and tell me if you made the same mistake when you started your tea business (I did too!)

To stand out, we believe your tea business needs to have something unique so people want to buy from YOU instead of someone else down the road.
This uniqueness can be expressed in the content of the site (well being articles to help customers to understand how to maintain great health and looks glamorous and shapely), your product choices (certain ones because you love them or have done something for you) and/or your narrative (funky tea talk or funny language).
Tea becomes the vehicle of expressing your uniqueness.

Let me know what is the ONE ACTION you would do in the next 7 days to move the needle for your business.

If your desire is to create a tea business that gives you rewards above and beyond a mere past-time, join me for a free Tea Business Clarity Session.
Remember this: your business uniqueness is like a diamond – expert help goes a long way to unearth and craft it to perfection, so your business could become the brightest gem in the tea industry.
Make your next move now – here is how I can help.