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From Asia

Asia is the home of tea and the vast varieties mean there is a tea for anyone and everyone!

Here are some general tips on selecting Asian tea:

Light tasting: Chinese white tea, Japanese green tea—lighter coloured tea leaves will give you a lighter brew.

Strong tasting: Pu-erh, Chinese darker coloured oolong, Chinese green tea with dark coloured leaves.

Smoky: Gunpowder green tea, Lapsang Souchong black tea.

Grassy: Sencha and Bancha green tea. Japanese green tea and the lighter Chinese green tea tends to have this kind of flavour. 

If you want to try Asian tea, we recommend to go for a tea that aligns with your preference, eg light tea choose Rose oolong, Jasmine Dragon Pearls or Sencha China. If you prefer robust flavour, choose Puerh or Yunnan Red. 

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