We built 6 sites in 15 years running Teas.com.au. I would say we know a thing or 2 to build a site that SELLS. 

To create a profitable tea business, you need 3 core pieces and that's what Tea Biz Accelerator Program is about - helping you to achieving this golden triangle formula  - APPLY NOW.

The "Tea Biz Accelerator Program" is designed for tea businesses with either no website yet or a site ready for rebuilt - typically after your 1st or 2nd year into your business. 

The Program will include:
1. Site Built in
Shopify - the best ecommerce software we have found so far, by a long stretch. It is an awesome app because it is super expandable but the core is robust and you can run out of the box in no time. Geek speak optional. 

2. Group Tea Biz Coaching (6-8 weeks, to be determined).  

Any successful business needs to master these 3 things -

  1. suppliers, 
  2. sales (and marketing), and
  3. operations

These 3 core areas have to run well on their own and together. Your website is your sales engine, so it is key to get it done properly (invest in a pro to do it, and you focus on learning more about how to sell and do marketing)

Group Tea Biz Coaching means you can get the shortcuts from me to build your tea business success, plus the support of your tea biz friends!

Businesses that get support from peers do TONS better than those ones close their doors and fear of competitions. We can all learn from each other. 

Group coaching will be done via a free online video conference app called zoom. Topics we will cover include many that stumbles tea businesses - we will show you how to get those nailed, such as:

  • Product Selection
  • Pricing Profitably
  • Packaging
  • Postage
  • Productivity

3. Ongoing support during the Program and beyond, from your coach, your peer while your site is built. 

The Tea Biz Accelerator Program is currently offered as "BETA" with a 50% discount. To get the discount for the Program, you need to email sales@teas.com.au with the completed EOI form before 5 Sept. 

It is NOW time if you want to be ready for Xmas trade with your new site. Our experience tells us many businesses start planning for Xmas too late, so they miss out on the action.

We don't want you to miss out. 

TIme to jump on it. Complete this quick EOI form now

We will be launching this program later in Sept 17 and at that point you will use the voucher to get your substantial saving. All we need here is saying yes to getting the discount code, fill in the EOI form to express your interest. 

Please note we will be carefully selecting a small group from the people completed the form to make sure we are the best fit.

*This program is for:

  • Ready to build / rebuild website
  • Brand New business to a tea biz been trading for 2 years
  • Open minded biz owner who can and will learn from fellow tea biz owners
  • Tea as one of your core offers. Can have others as well.  

Sounds like you? Done researching and getting frustrated / confused with your website? 

Ready to learn, build and have fun together? Here is your chance. Limited time 50% off offer. 

Do it NOW. 


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