Wonderful Oolong Tea Benefit - Time Out

Here at Teas.com.au we are strongly into what we call the Loose Leaf Tea Life Style.

The loose leaf tea life style has been greatly influenced by oolong tea.

Oolong tea has traditionally been drunk throughout China as loose leaf tea. And has spawn numerous kung fu tea ceremonies throughout the provinces. Which in turn has promoted a more higher end philosophical life for tea drinkers.

For those of you with a more faster pace of life, oolong tea is a great way to calm the nerves down and give yourself a bit of time out from the hustle and bustle of our ever-busy lives.

In my own experience, making a simple cup of oolong tea has helped me out of a few tight spots more than once. Now, when I look back at things, I am glad that it did. Some of those tight spots could have been far far worse...

Luckily I am still around to blog about these things, and help others get the most out of their tea. 

So this is how it works (by the numbers):

  1. You are feeling rushed and anxious, blah, blah, blah...
  2. You tell yourself that you have no time for anything. And you are wondering how the hell did you get yourself here?
  3. A little birdie comes over and tweets: Dude, you need time out. You're cracking at the seams. Go and make yourself a cup of tea.
  4. You go and make a cup of weakling teabag tea.
  5. That same little birdie, bitchslaps you and says: What is wrong with you fool! Calm your bitch-ass down and do it right! Old school.
  6. Yes, the world is winning and you are going crazy, but you wonder that since you are on the edge, you might as well listen to the birdie and go old school. You get the oolong tea, smell its aroma, boil the water (not too hot). Find a nice tea pot that says I'm in charge of my life. Pour some leaves in. Don't be cheap on yourselves. At least put in a tablespoon or two. Pour the water into the pot. Close the lid. And wait a minute. Pour the first brew out into a cup. Smell it. Feel its aroma going into you as you deeply inhale and just as deeply exhale. Pour some fresh hot water into the tea pot. Wait and other minute or two. Pour that tea into your cup and drink.
  7. Enjoy your oolong tea and notice the little birdie fading away with a gentle grin. You just gave yourself ten minutes back to yourself. At least ten minutes.
  8. Enjoy the remainder of your tea with a small snack and be grateful to yourself as the pressure you were feeling moments before coming lighter. You have time to think, time to strategise and time to plan your next move. You are not crazy. You are not in overwhelm. You are back in the driver's seat.

And that is how they go together.

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