Wonderful Oolong Tea Benefit - 武俠茶道 through oolong tea

In a recent blog I wrote on how to get one's man to drink tea with them.

The feedback came in fast and furious. Some good. Some bad. And some down-right annoying from the perspective that some partners just don't get it. And need stronger encouragement.

So what's to be done?

How can oolong tea be the way with using fists?

I, as a man, should know the way... Do I even know the way?

Too many questions. So let's try something new. How about a total immersion experience from the comfort of their own home.

The Romance of the Condor Heroes.

Full on martial arts action for the guys and lots of deep storyline for the ladies. Everybody wins. It even includes lots of tea drinking. And lots of ways to enjoy tea that does NOT include the grandma. Unless she does kung fu. No Granny teashop to be seen. And if you get the box set, every disc is at least 4 hours long with over 6 discs. I swear, after watching it he will be drinking oolong tea in his dreams or at least nagging you to go to yum cha.

Hell! Even the women in the Romance do Kung Fu. What more could a guy want?!

At least give it a go and see if it works.

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