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Here at Teas.com.au we have a wonderful selection of Oolong tea.

Grown primarily around the Fujian region of China, you can get oolong tea from Taiwan, Japan (a little bit) and other provinces of China.

Oolong tea is a great way to gently delve into Chinese culture without the full-on intensity that non-Chinese sometimes experience.

Drinking oolong tea can at times feel like visiting one of those ancient temples while still doing what you are doing at home or at work.

Or maybe Yum-Cha on the weekend?

At most Chinese restaurants it is offered if you ask for it. Our selection (which has been proven to be popular in Australia) include:

Ever Spring Oolong;

Organic GABA Oolong (Only on offer as a paid Pre-ship order);

Tie Guan Yin Light Oolong;

Gin Shan Creme Oolong;

Rose Oolong;

And our own great blend After Dinner Oolong

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