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Uncle Iroh drinks tea 艾洛喝茶

Uncle Iroh drinks tea 艾洛喝茶

☴ We, who live in the modern world, live in a hectic busy life of constant doing, doing and more doing. To the extent where we may have forgotten why we are doing what we are doing. And this can be draining on our chi 氣 reserves.

☲ Here I use the phrase 'Chi Reserves' because for ninety percent of the people on this earth, that is what they rely upon to live. Apart from the other immediate necessities of air, water and food.

☱ The other ten percent are doing something to replenish themselves by the various mediums available to us. My own small examples are Baguazhang 八卦掌, Qigong 氣功, Tea Time equals Me Time and Wabi-Sabi 侘寂. 

☰ By promoting Tea Time equals Me Time, I am in a small way opening up the door for those not doing mindfulness, yoga, meditation, martial arts, et cetera to also replenish their chi , without the need to depend on a vice.

☷ In the television series The Last Airbender, the loveable Uncle Iroh 艾洛, mentor to Prince Zuko, symbolised this way of being. And introduced thousands of people (especially younger people) to this higher vibrational way of life without going too hippie or woo-woo about it.

☶ While not all martial artists like the show and feel it being too light in depth or unrealistic in what can be achieved, reality can sometimes be a hindrance in what is actually possible. While grounding is important, too many have turned it into an earthly tether rather than the bedrock of power it is meant to be.

☵ Whenever Prince Zuko lost his way , it was Uncle Iroh's 艾洛 gentle guidance, usually through tea 茶, that helped him find his bearing again. Now it took at least three seasons for it to happen, but it did.

☳ While I cannot speak for other styles, these words above may help in walking the way of Baguazhang 八卦掌道, because there is a point somewhere in it where the practitioner becomes the living embodiment of Baguazhang 八卦掌 itself. And when that point is reached (you will know it) allow Tea Time equals Me Time to help guide you on.

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