The Game of Go drinks tea 碁棋喝茶 –

The Game of Go drinks tea 碁棋喝茶

The Game of Go drinks tea 碁棋喝茶

☰ Make yourself a cup of tea 茶, gently sit down and mindfully start practicing Tea Time equals Me Time for what I am about to tell you is this: I have been told once or twice that Baguazhang 八卦掌 is the martial art of the Gods 神. And that the Grandmasters 傅 of Baguazhang 八卦掌 are the high priests 大祭司.

☷ On the surface of things, this may or may not be true. But as I gaze upon the Go 碁 broad I am playing, it does make me wonder about the deeper significance of what it actually means.

☳ For some, the shocking statement 震聲明 I just made, is a distraction to what is important to them. For others, they may need "a cup of tea 一杯茶 and a bit of a lie down".

☴ And yet still for others more, this is just what they need as a distraction from their daily stress and problems to get into Tea Time equals Me Time from a higher plane of existence.

☵ If you do not believe me, then check your palms. If your inner palms 手掌 are starting to tingle or "hum", then your chi 氣 is activating at the idea being proposed here. It is like going into a war that you know you will win.

☲ Your only wish is that your opponent will show up, so that you can hide the fact that you have already won without fighting, for as Suntzu 孫子 is often quoted: The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

☶ The bit about palms "tingling" is a physical effect of what it is like to be a Qigong master 氣功师傅 and is something to look forward to. 

☱ Now back to the Go 碁 game and my tea . What most people see is just a bunch of black and white stones on the board, and a person drinking tea 喝茶. That's fine. But what I see, is a person who allowed themselves to delve further than usual into the world of tea 茶 and kung fu culture 功夫. And that's great!

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