The Desert drinks tea 沙漠喝茶 –

The Desert drinks tea 沙漠喝茶

The Desert drinks tea 沙漠喝茶

☰ Today Tea Time equals Me Time can be done anywhere. There is no such thing as the perfect location. 

☳ Sometimes the modern human life can be overwhelming and all-consuming. And the ritual of Tea Time equals Me Time can help in the coping of it, just like exercise, good diet and proper sleep.

☶ But then, sometimes, none of it helps and we need to get away from civilisation and be in a place where we can feel humbly insignificant to the great vastness around us like the desert 沙漠.

☷ The desert 沙漠 allows us to be small and big at the same time.

☵ To sit under the Milky Way drinking tea 喝茶 with fellow travellers. To realise that nobody is actually lost but just living with chronic stress and daily pain inflicted by our modernness. Perhaps it is time to stop, have a cup of tea 茶 and save the over-achieving for another day.

☲ Perhaps... This article could very easily take a religious tone. But for most people, they simply need a break: The words of God are for those who seek such things.

☱ In the desert 沙漠 Tea Time equals Me Time is a person's chance to "Be" again.

☴ Through a cup of tea made and drunk slowly we can reconnect with who we are. This is Mindfulness 靜觀.

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