The cup of tea at the centre –

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The cup of tea at the centre

The cup of tea at the centre

☵ On my table sits a two-thirds drunk cup of black tea. And it is surrounded by stuff: Books, computer, paper, bills, pens and stuff, and stuff and more stuff.

☰ The art of Mindfulness through Tea Time equals Me Time, is sometimes like trying to find one's still centre while being surrounded by the myriad of things that supposedly make up our lives.

☶ The cup of tea rests in a glass cup so that I can see just how much is in there. And through the course of this article it will continue to reduce until there is nothing left.

☴ When that happens, I will either pour myself another cup of tea or clean the cup and put it away. And if I were to do that, then there would be no cup of tea at the centre.

☲ This is how so many of us live our lives. We are essentially running on empty or getting close to it and waiting for somebody to come along and fill our cup again.

☷ Unfortunately, when that person does come around, we typically dismiss them as being "Full-of-shit". Now does that sound familiar?

☳ Thankfully we live in a world where we have options galore: We can pick and choose our refill station. Mindfulness helps us to get clear on what we DO want. And not spend our time, effort and money fighting the things we don't want.

☱ Doing martial arts, Qi-gong, Weiqi (Go), Tea Time equals Me Time, meditating, and hanging out with other masters has opened my eyes over the years to this truth: All paths lead to our centre. When we are ready, we will make the journey there. Until then we will go on living our lives and wondering why we have so much chaos, suffering and pain at the mercy of fate.

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