The Chimpanzee drinks tea 黑猩猩喝茶 –

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The Chimpanzee drinks tea 黑猩猩喝茶

The Chimpanzee drinks tea 黑猩猩喝茶

☰/☷ Let's face it: Too much coffee can be bad for you. Coming from a coffee drinking family, I had to find it out the bad way. Not from others but from my own caring body... When enough was enough, it said enough was enough.

☳/☰ And so to make a long story short, after eight years of doing Baguazhang 八卦掌 I learnt the hard way, that for me at least, Baguazhang 八卦掌 and coffee were not compatible and the coffee had to go.

☵/☳ Letting go of coffee is not for everybody but I have learnt over time that what we put in our bodies can either limit or excel our aspirations in the Way of Martial Arts 功夫道.

☶/☴ So now I drink tea : No more guns, no more suits and no chimps playing politics. It is all Tea Time equals Me Time and the blissful serenity of living in wabi-sabi 侘寂 (mostly).

☷/☵ By letting go of the coffee, I learnt to let go of the latent aggression that seems to simmer just below the surface of things. And truly grasp the Mafia concept: You can't make money with a gun in your hand.

☴/☲ Which when one thinks about it, is a bit of a paradox for most non-martial artists when they realise what we do. It's only a matter of degrees between BJJ and Qigong 氣功.

☲/☶ For martial artists there is no paradox. What happened to me, has happened to countless others seeking the way, their Tao . Mine just happened to involve tea .

☱/☱ If this resonates with you, then you probably have already found your inner-peace. If not. Then that's okay too. Tea Time equals Me Time.

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