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Tea, Mindfulness & Kung Fu Culture - 茶, 靜觀和功夫道

Tea, Mindfulness & Kung Fu Culture - 茶, 靜觀和功夫道

☳ When the weather turns to boiling what's the best way to cool down?

☵ The answer is tea 茶 is the best way. And as a tea merchant I recommend it above all other forms of liquid refreshments other than water. So yes, I am writing from a biased perspective.

☶ As a martial artist, who trades in tea 茶, I am glad that tea has become my default option in very heated situations.

 So now looking back, I can be grateful at how many times tea has actually saved me in situations where and when things could have gotten far worse. This is also one of the reasons why I promote mindfulness 靜觀 through tea 茶.

☷ It is also the reasons why tea 茶 has become so ingrained in kung fu culture 功夫道. Philosophical dialogues over the hot brew is just the tip of the relationship between the two arts nurtured over hundreds of years.

☱ I know that most of what I have written to a lot of people is perceived as boring. And those same people would rather lead a life of hedonistic excitement even though they would not call it that. After all, what's the point of all this hard-work and living in the rat race, if there is nothing to show for it at the end?

☲ Indeed. What is the point? Musing like Uncle Iroh with a firebent hot cup of tea茶 in his hands, what is the way ?

☴ I say truly face your martial art fears and become the #kungfumastersthatdrinktea and discover it for yourself. Perhaps the true self has been hidden from oneself by walking false paths. Perhaps?!

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