The Nothingness drinks tea 無道喝茶 –

The Nothingness drinks tea 無道喝茶

The Nothingness drinks tea 無道喝茶

☴ Tea Time equals Me Time. This morning I forgot that. Not exactly Qigong .

☲ All I wanted to do for a Monday morning was to find out what's been happening the world. And Boom! My world turned dark.

☱ At that moment, in front of the screen, my world was definitely not Tea Time equals Me Time. It was something else. What happened?

☷ I went outside, did some of my Baguazhang 八卦掌 forms a few times. Enjoyed the sunny view from my balcony et cetera, while pondering on what was going on. And all the while, a tiny voice in the darkness was reminding me to just practice what I preach: Practice Tea Time equals Me Time.

☰ So I got up and made myself a cup of loose leaf tea . It took about 3 minutes, more or less. Nothing special. It was just me having a cup of tea , practicing my own words.

☶ I would say in that moment I experienced a minuscule bit of nothingness . And I felt great. Free to walk my own Tao . Free to be, and free to see the world as I choose it to be.

☵ So I forgot my own words. Do I now beat myself up over it? And if I did, would 'the money flow' as they say? I doubt it. Any yet we live in a world that would have us believe otherwise contrary to real life experiences. So rather than continue with this train of thought, I drank my tea .

☳ I let go: I Practiced Tea Time equals Me Time. I reduced my Monday stress levels and allowed the my own chi 氣 to simply flow again in bliss. Life was good again. Yin 陰 through my left palm. Yang  through my right palm. All things were right in my world again. And so too in yours.

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