Suntzu drinks tea 孫子喝茶 (4) –

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Suntzu drinks tea 孫子喝茶 (4)

Suntzu drinks tea 孫子喝茶 (4)

☰ The Way of Tea 茶道 can lead a person to interesting places. Especially if that path is about reaching out to others for a nice cuppa and maybe a good game Go (Weiqi/Baduk) 圍棋.

☳ Such a time and place of bonding happened recently with my oldest daughter.

☵ What I like about the game of Go 碁, is that it can suck players into a world of infinite possibilities at the beginning and lead them to a place where no moves are left possible.

☶ And at the same time teaching strategy, tactics and observation from a higher plane of existence. And allowing me to teach what books and kinesthetics sometimes fail to do.

☷ While not mentioned in Suntzu's classic The Art of War 孫子兵法, in folktales involving him, it was said that during battles of critical engagement Suntzu 孫子 was known to take mindful observations by playing Weiqi 圍棋 and drinking tea 茶.

☴ By noting this, perhaps there is something in it for us?

☲ Who knows the answer to that? But those who know, know. Such is the way 道 of things.

☱ Perhaps the next time you are being mindful through Tea Time equals Me Time, the person sitting beside you could be just such a person. Reach out. Get connected. And allow the act of pouring a cup of tea 茶 for them to be the start of newfound friendship.

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