Suntzu drinks tea 孫子喝茶 (3) –

Suntzu drinks tea 孫子喝茶 (3)

Suntzu drinks tea 孫子喝茶 (3)

☵ The sword most powerful is the sword least used.

☰ "To win without fighting is supreme victory." As loosely quoted from Suntzu's book The Art of War 孫子兵法.

☶ It seems for a lot of us, during our daily grind, we are constantly at war. Who and what the enemy is, is often poorly defined. And there never seems an end to it. So we get up in the morning, go into battle and then come home in the evening exhausted.

☴ The next day, we do it again. And all the while our inner soul shrinks a little bit more as we ignore its yearning for self-expression; self-fulfilment and true inner joy.

☱ For those practicing Tea Time equals Me Time, the art of making and drinking tea 茶 is the respite we need to ask questions like: Where is the Way? Not the Tao 道 question but the ones that go like: What the fuck is going on? Is this what we signed up for? And who's running the show?

☳ The answer may lie at the bottom of the tea cup and then maybe not.

☷ For those not into Tea Time equals Me Time and prefer a drink other than tea , this is the time to sharpen your blunt sword. Study the Way 道 and know thyself.

☲ The master who truly experiences the Art of War 兵法 can put away their sword because they have found inner peace.

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