Suntzu drinks tea 孫子喝茶 –

Suntzu drinks tea 孫子喝茶

Suntzu drinks tea 孫子喝茶

☰ Suntzu 孫子 is the author of the Chinese military classic: The Art of War 孫子兵法. He has had a profound influence on military thought. And on anybody wishing to learn leadership , strategy ☶ and tactics .

☳ So the question to ask is: What does Suntzu have to do with tea 茶? Officially, nothing. Historically, nothing. Unless, say, you happened to be a highly stressed professional wishing to make this year a year of conquest, acquisitions and profitable endeavours. With profitable meaning at very least, the risk is lower than the reward.

☵ Tea Time equaling Me Time is more than just taking time away from the cause of the problems. Tea Time equals Me Time can be used to sharpen one's business tools for effective executive slicing.

☶ Yes. Business is the war that never ends. It's going to get played whether we are there or not. And unlike a board-game, where we can see all the moves from the vantage point of being outside of the board itself, business is a full-on immersive experience.

☷ We are like the pieces on the chess board ever-changing to meet circumstances and never sure of the actual rules of the game. Hence the stresses inflicted upon us. That is why we recommend using Tea Time equals Me Time as a way to gain advantage.

☴ Suntzu 孫子 in his sagely wisdom outlined in his book some of the most important rules, that if adhered to, actually make sense and do work. But time and space must be given to its learning. 

☲ While he spoke in terms of countries and armies, an open mind knows that, scaled down there is truth for the individual wishing to get ahead. It is all a matter of comprehension within one's personal reality.

☱ For those with a much deeper understanding of The Art of War 孫子兵法, his book was also a work on the Tao . And on how the Tao 道 related to martial concerns... While I have kept this posting brief, I think it is time for a cup of tea . Boil, brew, sip and ponder over this. 

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