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Qigong and Tea 氣功和茶

Qigong and Tea 氣功和茶

☰ In a master's hands the sword 劍 becomes an extension of self and slowly through the interaction between the two, takes on a personality of its own.

☷ That life is just a reflection of the earthly journey the master has been on. And it gets amplified through the ether as chi .

☵ At some point throughout this process, the sword (having absorbed their master's chi) takes on a life of its own and begins to follow its own tao .

☲ In the end, what comes out is a new paradigm by which the master expresses themselves by. The sword does not have to be a sword. It is anything that is the symbol of what they do. For me it is the pen , the sword and tea 茶 itself.

☳ As I sit on my mat, legs crossed and calmly going through my matcha 抹茶 ceremony, I am in the moment observing my thoughts and letting go of them through these written words.

☶ And already it has been a wonderful morning of doing my Baguazhang 八卦掌 forms in that light and airy method that transcends the mundaneness of the everyday. And to think, the working week has just begun.

☴ This is all good. It is allowing myself to be of service to my martial tribe in ways that those who have met me spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally to visit my Bagua mountain 八卦山 from wherever and whenever they are.

☱ What this all means is that in my experience through chit-chats over tea  (and sometimes rarely coffee) is that I am not alone in my transcending martial arts path 武術道. With increasing frequency I am meeting masters whose experiences (in their way) match my own. We compare notes and laugh at how much cannot be shared yet with those who have not walked it. Because sometimes the most profound truths are in foresight so silly, while in hindsight so... so... so wordless like Tea Time equals Me Time.

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