Peter Hainzl drinks tea 喝茶 (2) –

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Peter Hainzl drinks tea 喝茶 (2)

Peter Hainzl drinks tea 喝茶 (2)

☰ The start of the year gives us a chance to reflect upon the Tao . In particular our own path.

☳ There is only one ultimate Tao 道 but for many of us that realization is too far from our daily experiences.

☵ And for even more of us, the Tao does not equate well with the medium of our times. And that is money: Its pursuit, earning and holding of. Not too mention the ever present force to spent it.

☶ In an effort to be still, where things like meditation are difficult, and holidays a wee bit tight on the budget, I promote Tea Time equals Me Time.

☷ All it is in essence is making a well-deserved cup of tea 茶 and using the excuse of having a cup to tea 茶 to chill, relax and find our centre again.

☴ It is that simple. And yet for a lot of people so hard to achieve. And why?

☲ Why indeed? Is it the need to have spoon-fed instant results coupled with outlandish promises that no master can fill? And even if they could, would they want to? I doubt it very much.

☱ If anybody feels forced to drink tea , or even feels forced to read these posts, then it is not for them. To live in a state of conflict where progress only comes with a stick and/or carrot is not mastery. The disciple is still beholden to outside influences. Let go of the arguments raging within and make your choices for once. Tea Time equals Me Time is about that.

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