Peter Hainzl drinks tea 喝茶 –

Peter Hainzl drinks tea 喝茶

Peter Hainzl drinks tea 喝茶

☰ Nobody needs time. Nobody needs space. These things like our quest for things we desire: All just illusions. We do not even need Tea Time quals Me Time. And yet... I practice it everyday.

☳ Why? Why give ourselves timeout from our struggles when everything around us is constantly reminding us of the struggle: The struggle of our pasts, the struggle of our present, and the struggle of our futures.

☵ If you are reading this, then you have pondered on many occasions if the hype is living up to the dream. As I drink my cup of tea, while typing this, I am in this moment practicing what I preach and doing Tea Time equals Me Time.

☶ In this or that moment I am still and calm like a rock within. Everything else can for this brief moment encompass me. Behind me is my dojo. In front of me is the tea I am drinking this morning: Golden Tippy Yunnan Black Tea... Combining work with play - rest with action. And what's at the centre of me? Me.

☷ Me or you in your work, play, life. It is always you. When we lose sight of that, we become mere pawns in the modern world of chaos. This is one of the insights that eventually all Tai Chi Quan 太極拳 practitioners come to self-realize. It is from our centres that we find our flow in the cosmos.

☴ And so after I have posted this blog post, I will go outside and do my Baguazhang 八卦掌. I will walk the circle. I will change the palms. I will do this all day everyday (with breaks in between).

☲ The people who come to live near me because of the good Fengshui 風水 in my neighbourhood, will look up and see me. My chi  will flow out towards them and life will be magnificent. This is happening because the mere thought of chi 氣 now makes my hands vibrate with energy. It is a warm vortex-like sensation reminiscent of when somebody is lightly drawing circles on the inside of one's palms.

☱ By doing Tea Time equals Me Time, I am able to share these martial art insights with you in a sharing loving atmosphere. And I am personally better prepared to cope with the qigong 氣功 challenges awaiting me. We have the time. We have the space. Be good to yourselves. Enjoy that cup of tea .

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