Nigori Sake drinks tea 濁り酒喝茶 –

Nigori Sake drinks tea 濁り酒喝茶

Nigori Sake drinks tea 濁り酒喝茶

☰ Nigori sake drinks tea 濁り酒喝茶 literally... And then... Tea Time equals Me Time became Tea Time equals Matcha Sake 抹茶酒 Time.

☷ Sometimes in life, as we look to ways to make our lives easier, a person like myself may look towards the 'old' ways and embrace things like Wabisabi 侘寂 or Chanoyu 茶の湯. Things that have helped me to find my sanity in a world that tries its best to be not so sane.

☵ At other times in life, it can be found in 'new' ways by playing around a little and doing something different from the usual like mixing ceremonial grade matcha 抹茶 into Nigori-style sake 濁り酒.

☲ I enjoyed my little experiment. And because I made the cloudy sake 酒 at home I can't tell the percentage of alcohol, but for somebody who does not regularly partake of beer and wine, I was totally drunk after two glasses while the matcha 抹茶 kept me awake way past my bedtime.

☳ So here I am being less than noble: Promoting stuff that probably should not be promoted as an upright martial artist, a pillar of the community, a role-model... No wonder so few martial art practitioners want to be masters. The life of a master is bound by responsibilities that few of us expected or wanted.

☶ So here's what I propose about Tea Time equals Me Time: Make it your own time and your own space that does not require others. And by such allowing oneself to be themselves again.

☴ Put in the rituals. Allow the ceremony to guide you, just a little, so that the outside world cannot intrude on your privacy. This is meant for you to be at peace. That is what tea 茶 is about. For if we are to find inner peace, we must first make it a part of our personal dominion.

☱ There is no need to sacrifice one thing over another. Nature allows for mixing, so why can't we do the same sometimes? Allow Tea Time equals Me Time to bring clarity to your flow. Enjoy life.

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